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Bathroom thoughts:

Second thought

2022-05-23 @ 13:26 p.m CEST

When you’re impulsive, you’re inclined to immediately do what comes to mind, without forethought and without considering the consequences.

As an impulsive person myself I know that the first thought is often a trap.

When you meditate you let your “cloud thoughts” pass by and leave for good.

Allow your first thought to develop until you get excited about it.

Then, let your first thought pass away.

Your second thought is on the way already.

Now pay close attention to that second thought, because this might be the one that will actually help in your current situation and context.

For example:

When I thought about an unwritten publication I wanted to publish as one of my “aliases” because I saw fit. But after a little of sitting on that idea, I let it die, and the thought that followed was the better one, the one I needed: it was the right alias for the context.

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2022-05-23 @ 13:25 p.m CEST

We experience life in lived moments and experiences.

But why, oh why, has it become a custom to gift material objects (things) instead of giving away experiences to the ones you love and care about?

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