I’m Alexander Kluge, and I’ll keep this bio short.

As a former designer (8 years), working traveler (3 years), salesman (2+ years), cleaning person (1 year), and a psychiatry worker (9 months) I felt like a turtle on land but wanted to feel like a turtle underwater. So, I defied evolution, went from land to water and started writing. Writing, however, was not my terminal station, because acting and voiceover currently is. Since then has become my small independent company with many bootstrapped ventures and projects, and stolenvoice has become my premium voiceover brand to grow independent businesses of product creators through narrated video stories.

Ever since the turtle had become my symbol for being patient and calming down in stressful times and endure when it gets tough — kicking dragon's asses.

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I enjoy adventure, discipline, focus and on-time delivery. Also, I embrace zero distraction.

© 2018 I’m Alexander Kluge - born 34 years ago. I have no children or a wife but a 9-year old baby named